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In need of captivating content? Looking for creative copy? Or a boost to your social media presence?

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I'm a freelance social media specialist. I work with brands big and small in order to help them identify their goals for digital and social. I'm a logical thinker, I love to problem-solve and I thrive on creativity, so developing an in-depth strategy, implementing it and seeing results is what makes me tick. I have grown Instagram followings by 100%, written articles for magazines and blogs, created Facebook adverts that target a cold-audience from a look-a-like audience, all thanks to my multidisciplinary background, which means I am able to see a project from beginning through to completion.

·      I can develop a social media strategy based on your key objectives and research.

·      I have the skills to create content, whether this is taking photographs, illustration or design. I also have a network of designers, developers and video editors should I need some extra hands.

·      I can implement your strategy through influencer outreach, community management, content marketing, content creation or a mixture of them all.

·      I can launch and manage your paid social advertising using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and any other platform.

·      I'm able to analyse results in order to see what the next steps are for your social media channels.




Below you can see a selection of projects that I have worked on.



For just over a year I managed the Instagram account for the global cycling event Eroica. I was able to implement new ideas such as live posting and using the stories feature, I brought a fresh perspective and gave some clarity to the voice which had not yet been defined. This was recognised in the results as the engagement rate saw a huge increase and the number of followers grew by 96% to 31.4K in less than a year.


Tour of Ara

Working closely with the race organiser, I followed the Tour through the Karoo Desert, seeking to capture the beauty of the landscape and the intimate nature of the race. In keeping with this, the intention was to focus on the more candid moments and to offer insights into the fascinating community that bring this race to life. The carefully considered content was a great reinforcement to the intimate aesthetic of this event.

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Here I helped to create the identity for this all-new gravel bike race. I used paid advertising on Facebook to build a small but dedicated audience. Pushing the story of adventure was important for the launch of KAROOBAIX while combining this with the ethereal aesthetic to create a consistent message throughout all of its channels. 



In 2013 I started a cycling blog to promote women’s cycling. I joined forces with my good friend Sam Dunn, and through our unique approach we have had many amazing opportunities, these include working with Adidas, sponsorships from Met Helmets and Dodici and a feature in the print edition of the cycling book from Gestalten - Velo 3rd Gear.

After studying a BA Honours Degree in Menswear Design, I realised that my knowledge of digital media and my firm understanding of branding would offer a great avenue to explore the skills and insights that I learned during my studies of functional clothing design.

Originally from the North-East of England, I moved to London for university, after ten years in 'The Smoke' I have found myself currently living on the other side of the globe in sunny Cape Town.

When I'm not tweeting about equality and dogs or Pinning a visual feast, I can be found on a bicycle, drawing, exploring the world, taking film photographs, reading and eating cake-not all at the same time of course.

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